Hello. I am David Somers, a visual artist, and this site details my proposal, journal, and related artistic practice for my MA Fine Art Digital that I did from 2015 to 2017. This was read at the University of the Arts London at Camberwell College of Arts, ual:Camberwell for short. I studied the online low-residency pathway which meant that I did the substantive part as a distance learner and was only occasionally at Camberwell (think a week or two per annum).


You can contact me, if you like:

  • email: david <AT> strictlynormal {DOT} com
  • twitter: @omz13
  • facebook: omz13


When I started my MA my artistic statement began:

My work explores the relationship between the clean lines of geometric forms against naturalistic textures. Inspiration comes from the fusion of the analogue and the digital, with execution encompassing synthesis of nature and automata. I meld the parametrically predictable with the random; engage the organic with the synthetic.

As my MA has progressed this is no longer completely accurate and, currently it is more concerned with answering the following question:

What results if we take concepts from contemporary post-colonial theory (viz. “hybridity”, “mimicry”, and “third space”, as espoused by Homi K Bhabha), and instead of applying these to community structures and dynamics (i.e. cultural interactions in a society) they are applied to a visual world (i.e. figure/ground interactions in a pictorial space)?

I began my artistic exploration as a counterbalance to the technical and scientific emphasis in my work. As my practice evolved I began to appreciate that the lines that divide the artistic from the technical are unnecessary and that they can complement and enhance each other. My work currently reflects a marriage of the digital and the analogue. The bridging of these worlds, through their deliberate configuration, elicits not only a sense of balance in my designs but provides sufficient depth to allow the spectator to explore the tension and harmony between them.

Naturally, by the end of the MA my intent become clearer and more focused as my practise developed.

Postnominal Soup

I am graduate of The Open University with a BSc (Hons) in Design and Innovation; a member of the International Society of Typographic Designers; a member of the British Computer Society; and am a Chartered IT Professional.


I was born in London and currently reside in Luxembourg. My wife is from the USA. We met in Paris, France where she was procrastiworking on her MA. Life is all about hybridity. I favor Bhabha and my wife favors Spivak.