Unit 2 Assessment

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Assessment Evidence

  1. Participation in the Symposium

    I prepared a video for the symposium which can be found here: Unit 2 Symposium.

    I fully participated in the symposium, and made some notes and thoughts on it.

    In this video I touch on the historical context of my work, viz., abstract art, and highlight the shift from an epistemological model to one of ontological reduction. I also draw attention to the concepts of repetition and series and how this has had an impact on my work, viz., incorporating the trinity of repetition, series, and ontological reduction through micro, mesa, and macro viewpoints (something I am keep to pursue further).

  2. Critical Evaluation of your practice and future development.

    Kindly refer to this post: Critical Evaluation.

  3. Reflective Journal:

    This website is my reflective journal.

    All the posts are chronologically arranged under Journal.

    A sub-set of posts containing just the artistic outputs from the practice-based research are chronologically arranged under artworks.

    A thematic index is under Index.

    Finally, there is a summary of the activities and outcomes.

  4. Practical work resolved according to your Project Proposal and presented professionally as part of a final exhibition.

    For my Project Proposal, kindly see Project Proposal.

    For the resulting practical work resolved to my project proposal, and presented as part of a final exhibition, kindly see my display in the exhibition space.

    The form of the final show is envisioned to be a configuration of distillations of the original “captures” in m series (as proposed), possibly supplemented by a set of digital prints that enlarge a subset of the m pieces that provide an interesting exemplar of hybridity and systems theory.

    Details of preparing the display in the exhibition space may be found on my Instagram feed @omz13.

    The following posts on this blog are relevant to the planning, curating, and execution of the final show.

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