An Accidental Configuration

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4 × 4 Configuration of proofs. 90mm × 90mm. Ink on paper.

The artworks I made yesterday, the messy marbling are now, a day later, dry.

Time to do something with them. Firstly, some photographs taken with my iPhone so I have a record of them. Secondly, some high-resolution scans. This serves a couple of purpose: an archive, and to get into the digital realm for some light to heavy duty processing.

The process of scanning these in is mind-numbingly tedious. In the past I have made one to three pieces at a time, so scanning time isn’t so noticeable. But with 16 pieces to scan it becomes a chore. Its not a five-minute job.

I said they were dry. That’s more-or-less accurate. A couple of them are not completely dry as they have left small, but noticeable, flakes of themselves on the scanner’s platen as they have a barely noticeable but annoying tack. Dammit. Perhaps I should let these dry for at least 48 instead of 24 hours.

And then I have to work out what I am going to do with these.

Looking at them, I laid out in a four-by-four grid, purely for practical reasons… but why not keep them in that configuration? Its a purely accidental configuration, but it certainly has an aesthetic quality about it.

Thinking about this type of configuration, whether for these of future work, there are some other possibilities. Instead of 4 × 4, why not 3 × 3, or even just 1? Should I make a series of such configurations but the ordering within changed: essentially, distilling it to an nPr or nCr problem.

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