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I’m at the airport now (London City), heading back to Luxembourg, replete with the obligatory mug from Starbucks to add to the collection, and a sheet of paper from ual saying they’re pleased to inform me I now have an MA.

The Obligatory Mug from Starbucks
The Notification

And there’s the formal feedback I received too:

You have been prolific in your explorations and experiments in pictorial space, and this has resulted in you generating copious ideas and strategies. There are moments in your blog where it could be said that your language is extreme in terms of philosophy terms, and some less academic language would explain more clearly what is going on (although it could also be said that this would be suitable language for a PhD candidate).

There is a high degree of professionalism in your approach to setting up the show, and you have clearly taken care over every detail with artistic intent. Having explored the conceptual idea of 50:50 and how this underpins much of the work and it would be interesting for you to experiment with other proportional models. You have used the blog very well, and the huge amount of information and text contained on the blog is testament to the seriousness with which you have approached the course.

Finding suitable PhD supervisors is not easy but keep searching as there is a solid foundation here for further research. You revealed that your own existence is now at a 50:50 split between living in Britain and not living in Britain, this is something to draw on and connects well with your overarching theoretical ideas. As this balance point passes continue to engage with the process of cultural identity changes and challenges. We are certain that your rigorous approach will provide you with further fruitful areas for exploration.

At the bookshop, the following catches my eye:

Get Your Shit Together

If you hadn’t already picked up, there has been a running joke during this MA between myself and Sharon about the need to “Get Shit Done”. I think the final show proves that we managed to do just that (despite some obstacles that life threw in the way).

Time to board the plane now.

Its a bittersweet moment: the end of the MA; the start of the next phase.

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