Art-related but not-art

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There is still a long list of things that need to be done for the show.

One thing ticked off today: flight to LCY for the exhibition install booked.

Flight booked

I have spent too much of this week working on my websites. So, not-art, but art-related. Not working on the content but on the underlying mechanics. After some thought, and a bit of trial-and-error, I’ve established a rather slick local development environment (using Vagrant and VirtualBox), on top of which there’s a nice stack of CentOS), some web server that isn’t Apache because Apache sucks, PHP, and a CMS or static site that’s to-be-decided. What I have now is a system where I can instantiate a local test website (within this rather cosy Vagrant environment) and a test CMS. This means I can experiment, wreck it, destroy it, and start again. It is far easier to do this is a local environment than in a development or staging server on the interwebs. I am half-thinking that the mechanism I’ve developed could be productized. I have had a idea, or rather a concept, about something I want to do for some time now, and by taking that, and merging it with this, the result is something that might work.

Need to get shit done. Time to write and update this research blog. I have five posts drafted, need to add images to them, and can then push them out. One (or five) more things to cross off that never-ending todo list.

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