Tutorial, week #1

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The Plan

The plan is to use Skype for the online cohort to meet. This will be a weekly occurrence throughout the module and the meeting today is to ensure that everybody is able to and feels comfortable with Skype, and for general introductions to each other.


A big hello to my fellow students who are studying on the online variant of the 2 year Extended Full Time programme 2015-2017:

  • Barbara — who wasn’t able to join us and wasn’t able to start the MA this year
  • Eng — who wasn’t able to start the MA this year
  • Katerina
  • Leonie
  • Patrick
  • Sarah
  • Terry
  • Vanessa — who wasn’t able to start the MA this year

And also, but primarily based in the studio in Camberwell: - Alasdair - Alejandro - Bianca - CĂ©line - Nathalie - Philip - Sharon - Tony — who is now taking a year out - Yi

To Do

  • Put up details of yourself on the MA Fine Art Digital WIKI.
  • Prepare a five minute talk that discusses your most recent practise, acting as an introduction to your work and research proposal.
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