Tutorial: Block 1, Week 2 (Symposium 1)

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This week four people did their presentation about their practice and research proposal. There was a lot of discussion about them and useful connections and pointers raised.

Symposium 1


Eng presented a video, posted on her blog.

I was particularly interested in the piece starting at 2:21 which was a phenacistoscope animation accompanied by a wonderful score produced by the sound designer Finn Markwardt.


Leonie presented a text-based article, posted on her blog.

She wants to focus on storytelling via posted images and create an ALAN alter-ego. I wondered whether the ALAN alter-ego is going to be parody or a serious faux character, and Leonie states she’ll take it seriously, but she’s also open to humour and parody.


Patrick presented by sharing various projects on his blog and by writing additional commentary into the Skype group.

He wants to focus on digital film making and narrative, and the starting point is his project Hail fellow well met. He wants to “work on installations, arduino etc and then incorporate into certain scenes, people may wear some wearables or a pice may be filmed in a scene.”


Terry presented a video, posted on his blog.

Terry has five things that he wants to produce an exhibition of five pieces based on the life model: a charcoal drawing; canvas in minimalistic illustration style; large sculpture from 3D scan made from slices of MDF which is then projection painted onto; painted 3D animation of the life figure; holographic display with viewer interaction.

Having watched his video, the first thing that came to my mind was “ambitious”, and this was picked up by Terry as he noted in this post on his blog.

The next tutorial…

… will finish off the presentations and begin to talk about the blog and reflective learning.

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