Tutorial: Block 1, Week 3 (Symposium 1 ctd.)

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This week continues on from last week’s tutorial with the remaining people, myself included, doing their presentation about their practice and research proposal.

Symposium 1 (continued)


Sarah presented a video posted on her blog.

Her project will be about taking data from the everyday and will look at:

  1. How artists use data.
  2. Data collection (encounters with the everyday).
  3. Creating programs to act as chance machines / systems.
  4. visualization and translate into a tangible thing.

There was a discussion about potential sources of data, including ambient sound, light, temperate, or even from a person wearing a monitoring device.


Katerina posted an article on her blog.

She is interested in perception, “perception, mainly the relation between the an event (phenomenon) and the persons involved (creator and viewer)” and exploring phenomenological perception and also solipsism and other fields.

David (me!)

I presented a web-based slideshow.

The presentation format was well-received.

The discussion was useful and I was pointed to look at:

  • The work of Sol LeWitt. It looks like the nearest gallery with his work is in at the Van Abbe Museum, so perhaps a trip there, with a detour into Albert Heijn for some stroopwafels is in order.
  • The Third Text.


Vanessa presented a collection of three parts on her blog, supplemented by drawing attention to her website and her tumblr.

Her project is inspired by the evolution of architectural styles and artistic movements, particularly on the infrastructure and silhouette.

The Project Proposal

Following all the presentations, the subject of the Project Proposal came up.

We need to follow a predefined structure — details to be sent to us later — and submit it by the end of term 1.

The next tutorial… Introduction to practice as research

Last week at Camberwell there was a lecture on Practice as Research, the first in a series on research methods and methodologies. This was recorded and needs to be watched before next week’s tutorial which will be about this subject.

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