Tutorial: Block 1, Week 4

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This week

The purpose of this week’s session is to discuss the blogs and reflective learning.

critical reflection: looking at yourself and what you are doing (reflection) and asking questions and exploring the reasons why and how it could be better (critical).

Caveat: Reflection is not what you have done, but about who you are when you are doing it.

Why reflective blogs?

There are seven reasons:

  1. permanent record
  2. extension of your memory
  3. conscious, deliberate process
  4. opportunity to stand back from a situation and the sometimes intense emotions involved
  5. sort out what matters and what is significant
  6. monitoring and reviewing own development
  7. regular blog entries develop the discipline

The MA

In the context of an MA in Art, making is the end result and vital:

it is not theoretical it is about making stuff — there is a context to that making and that might be theoretical but making is at the heart

The small print

Maintaining a reflective journal is a requirement for the course.

Tags and Categories

Clearly some way of organising things in the blog is useful, and the following three categories are recommended:

  • inspiration – for posts about things that you find inspiring, such as art, exhibitions, etc.
  • my work – for posts about your own work.
  • tutorials - for posts about the tutorials. After each tutorial its a summary of the discussion and action points.

Next week…

Will be a change from normal. Instead of an online group tutorial there will be one-on-one tutorials with Jonathan.

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