Tutorial: Block 1, Week 7

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Group Crit

This week, the first group critique (‘group crit’).

David (me)

The session started with me asking for a crit of my recent practice. I did this by referring everybody to the practice section of this site where there were ten posts.

I was pleasantly surprised by Sarah’s observations on Raffia Field Two (bis)

really like the preview mode of the raffia, it becomes much more than material

Surprised because I only added the preview mode image a few minutes before the cit started. I wasn’t sure whether to show this or not, Looking back, and coupled with Sarah’s comment, perhaps this is something to be further explored; as a textured surface this could be a useful technique for producing one.

Jonathan queried how the images were made, specifically the final image of the work in Fiber Proof Three. For this, and similar ones I use a flat-bed scanner, and afterwards remove the background using Adobe Photoshop. Using a scanner affects a narrow depth-of-field that Patrick commented:

there is a transparent feel to that scan that i like


Terry asked for a crit of Starting My First Digital Project – Giving the model a voice on his blog.

There was a discussion about how he intends to have his model voice her works and then incorporate these into his work. I was interested in what will be triggered at each location, viz. a specific message from Vanessa or will each trigger a random message. It seems it will be a specific message as he wants to use the underlying mechanism BareConductive as is. There was also the question about the need to touch the image and I queried the possibility that it should be able to work with proximity.


Patrick asked for critiques on two pieces that he posted to his blog: Dirtbox and Woody.

I really like that with Dirtbox the spectator gets their hands literally in the dirt, and his use of the alchemical (rather than the more usual IEC) symbol for Earth. Patrick confirmed:

yes a bit of ritual thrown in

Everybody liked the back to nature approach of this work.

Woody seemed very appropriate for this time of year, especially when I look outside and see these fantastic fall colors.

As Terry observed:

You could call these pieces ‘Be In touch with Nature’


Sarah asked for a crit of a short film that she made. She has taken photographs every six hours where she is standing, then using Processing dithered them and made a looping video

Given the static nature of photographs, I really like the resulting video because it is rather organic and full of movement.


Leonie asked for a crit of her LEONIE’S/WORLD website.

I am intrigued by her ALAN project and eagerly await to see how it develops, especially after seeing her list of What would ALAN do? and also after learning that it will start with the potentially ominous phrase:

It’s Over, ALAN

Next week…

Unfortunately time ran out and we didn’t get to see Katerina’s work, so we’ll start with that next week.

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