Tutorial: Block 2, Week 2

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This week we are to briefly present an artist that inspires you, someone or some group that makes work that impacts on your own making of work.


Katerina selected two artists that she refers to quite often and referred to two posts on her blog: Thomas Huang and Matthew Stone.

For Huang, Jonathan pointed to a video of SOLIPSIST - Making Of.

For Stone, this sentence was a bold statement:

He examines perceptions of interconnection, collaboration and hierarchy through the canon of art as propaganda, seeking to promote notions of social unity and optimism


Terry selected one artist and referred to a post on his blog: Anthony Gormley.

An interesting piece of trivia is that Gromley had a studio close to Camberwell, but has now moved to larger premises elsewhere.

Jonathan pointed to an installation by Gormley: ANOTHER SINGULARITY, 2009, China.

Anthony Gormley, ANOTHER SINGULARITY, 2009, China.
Anthony Gormley, ANOTHER SINGULARITY, 2009, China. Image source: http://www.antonygormley.com/uploads/images/4eb26ff28f08f.jpg

The body is present but more by absence. the long lines of steel rope define its outline but the body has no substance.

Jonathan then raised:

important thing with Gormley’s work is the position they are placed, I don’t find them very interesting in a gallery but when he thinks carefully about their location I think they work much better - for example this project which is a permanent installation on a beach in Liverpool


Leone selected two artists are referred to a post on her blog about Doug Battenhausen – Internet History and a link to Dennis Cooper.

Reusing and recycling updated for the digital age. An interesting curation of ‘found’ bits and pixels on the ‘net. It brought back a lot of nostalgia for those early internet days (particularly for those who were there when it happened).


Sarah selected one artist and referred to a post on her blog, Roman Singer, and to references to a few videos:

Patrick pointed to some other artists who work in a similarly playful manner:

Useless Box with Surprises

Another Advanced Useless Machine

And finally, me

I selected two artists and referred to a presentation on my blog about Juriaan Schrofer and a link a fiber artist Anna Upston. The first is clearly the graphic influence, the second the material influence.

From Upston’s gallery people really like the fiber fish sculpture, with Patrick noting:

i LIKE the fan/lamp…its like a triffid

Jonathan observed:

brilliant combination of inspiring artists for you

And a great comment from Leonie:

i like the combinations and also the contradictions - you have artists that use raw materials and analogue processes (in the completely non-digital sense of the word) .. yet you are exploring that world with a technological eye. it seems like a natural move on to me… from nature to nowness.

Next Week

The tutorial will be presented by Ed and will be about audio processing.

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