Tutorial: Block 4, Week 9 — Unit 2 Briefing

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The group tutorial this week was the upcoming Unit 2.

The Assessment Evidence for Unit 2 is a body of work composing of:

  • Participation in the Unit 2 Symposium — to be done on June 1 2017.

  • Critical Evaluation of your practice and future development (a 500 word post) — due 6 July 2017 09.00 UK Time.

  • Reflective Journal (at least 2000 words) — this is the blog — due 6 July 2017 09.00 UK Time. 

  • Practical work resolved according to your Project Proposal and presented professionally as part of a final exhibition — due 6 July 2017 09.00 UK Time.

The Unit 2 Symposium

The symposium will be a five minute video presentation to connect the research paper to the practice, and to tell the story of things have developed over the two years of the course.

This video can act as a really useful introduction to you and your work.

Essentially, very similar to the Mid Point Review, but it will not be a silent crit and will be open for discussion.

Here are two samples from last year’s cohort:

Chat sessions

In the next block for the weekly online chat sessions there will the opportunity to run part of the session: everyone will get about one hour to direct the discussion and focus it — to present ideas from the research paper, show some of the practice, and to raise questions for discussion.

This was done for the first time last year and provides a good opportunity for feedback and development of the video — to focus on the things that were important or things that needed more clarity.

It will be free-format, but one method is to summarize the research paper, point to a few blog posts, and raise key questions to explore.

As Jonathan put it:

The idea of using these chat sessions for you to present and discuss your research is help bring clarity to what you are doing and with a “safe audience” practice your ideas so you can better prepare the video for the symposium — the symposium is only for the students on the course but the video can have a wider life and can act as a really interesting intro to your work and ideas

Final Exhibition — “resolved body of work”

The exhibition must be in place by Thursday July 6, by 9am.

Like last year, ideally it will held at Wilson Road… but not yet confirmed.

Private view happens on Thursday 13 July, then open to public for a week.

For planning, key dates are:

  • Set up the show from Monday 26 June.
  • Most of the show set up happens from Monday 3 July.
  • Assessment starts on Thursday 6 July.
  • Parity checks, external examiner and the exam board happen on 10-13 July.
  • Opening night: Thursday 13 July
  • Show closes: Wednesday 19 July

Not really a “final exhibition” but a “resolved body of work”. A conclusion but not the end. The end of the MA, but the beginning of lots of exploration.

The brief: Present a resolved body of work based on your project proposal.

The “resolved” part suggests a rigorous and systematic progression. Work could have multiple expressions in different sorts of settings, therefore it is an edited selection of work. Do not have to show everything!

  • There is no requirement for you to come to London.
  • You have got to show a resolved body of work but this can be presented in a variety of ways, you don’t have to only think about it as something in a white cube style gallery space
  • On this course if we insisted on a white wall type exhibition I think we would be missing opportunities to explore alternatives - e.g. like Rhiannon last year who did performances on the hill in Oxfordshire where she lives — her presence in the show was with glass bowls on chocolates with her periscope/twitter link on.

If you have limited time, I strongly suggest that you come to London for the show set up — this is the best time and you will learn a lot from the experience — even if only for a few days (i.e. Monday 3 thru Wednesday 5 July).

The MA show is probably the most difficult exhibition you will ever do because it is a clash of the two different things:

  1. A group exhibition setting.
  2. The culmination of your MA work and the desire to show just your stuff.

A group show usually has a curator, maybe a theme and this gives it a sense of direction and purpose, but this show doesn’t have that, it is made up of individuals showing their work but needing to consider the group setting and the dialogue and challenges that this creates.

Last year there was some interesting dialogue that occurred between the work — dialogue rather than themes.

A show catalog. Perhaps. But there’s always the danger of having expended a lot of time and effort to see a lot of unused ones thrown away at the end of a show.

Upcoming Pop-Up Show

When: 16th november.

Where: it will be held at the Raum Gallery.

It is a very small space. So that will present some challenges.

Setup will start Monday 14th… so need to get things there asap.

Next week

Instead of a group tutorial there will be a one-on-one with Jonathan.

Next week is also the last week of the block. Which means this week’s online group tutorial is the last one for this year! Time passes quickly. Too quickly.

Todo / Administrivia

Update the summary page with details of the unit 2 activities. DONE.

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