Block 5, Week 11 — Planning for the Final Show

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Although the block has officially ended, an extra group tutorial this week to discuss planning for the Final Show.


The final show will be at Wilson Road. The configuration will be more-or-less the same as last lear (for Fine Art Digital its identical, for others there are slight changes).

The Plan

The space arrangements will be done collaboratively. As Jonathan put it:

A learning opportunity to have to collaborate and decide the space together. You will all need to be thinking about what you want to show and start imagining it installed and then we can start thinking through the options of displaying it.

This will be done at the start of the next block.

The configuration will depend on the work and how it could be installed.

Essentially G1 the G3 are nice and light, L1 can be darker.

Céline says she is hijacking one of the G rooms :-)

Katerina probably needs a dark space, so L1.

Leonie want to do performance — so perhaps in the Lecture Theatre.

Patrick will probably want too use L1.

Céline wants natural light — so do I — perhaps we could work together, or in separate rooms… caveat: Céline does say:

Beware, I’m a nightmare to work with

To which I simply add: Have you see me sans caffeine?

At least we all have a sense of humor at the moment… who knows what it will be like by the time of the PV.

A reminder

As Jonathan keeps saying

  1. this is probably the most difficult exhibition you will ever do — it is a solo expression of you MA work BUT it is in a group show setting, usually group shows have curator who plans and decides on what work is included etc — here you will have all the challenges of the group show — noise, light, space etc but without the overall curator — and you are wanting to express your own individual work
  2. If you go into this process only looking for the best for yourself you will not find it — BUT if you go into it looking for the best for everyone then you are highly likely to find something really good for yourself


By the start of the next block everybody should have a clearer idea of what they want to do for the show.


The Calendar
  • June 27 thru 30 — install week #1
  • July 3 thru July 5 — install week #2
  • July 6 thru July 7 — assessment.
  • July 12 thru July 13 — external examiner visit
  • July 13 — PV and show open

Install week #2 is essentially a set of extra days for the online cohort — and if sending work to be installed by others, clear instructions and be realistic about what can be achieved and be possible to install are the order.

No tutorials during the install… although some research blog updating may need to be done.

As the space is being used immediately before for the BA Summer Show, in theory it should be left in good condition. Assume some cleaning and repainting required!

Private View

Last year the numbers of people attending were so large that we broke the capacity limit on the building — therefore this year it will be a ticketed event — tickets are free but they do need to monitor the number of people coming in and out.

there will be a full marketing briefing in the first week of next term - I will capture this and share the video and all the links straight after the event

Catalogue type stuff

Catalogue is optional. Can be costly. Needs advance preparation of good photographs, etc.

Must have a website. Here is the portfolio website for last year’s show.

And finally

The show is 14 weeks away!

Final note from Jonathan:

You DO NOT have to show everything you have made during the MA, the assessment is mostly based on the blog and the documentation of the journey — the show is often best as just a small selected part of your work.

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