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For this week’s group tutorial, Patrick is giving his research presentation.


A quick read over this page to pick up some salient points.

During the writing of the paper the main keywords to emerge were - Shadow, Object, Things, Presence, Absence, Being, Object-Orientated Ontology, Consciousness…some of them becoming more important than others, and some newer ones rearing their heads

1 – Absence & Presence

  • Absence: The state of being away.
  • Presence: The fact or condition of being present.

2 - Being

3 - Essence

Ontology: A branch of Metaphysics dealing with the nature of being, which in turn led [Patrick] to “Object-oriented ontology (OOO)”. A school of thought that rejects the privileging of human existence over the existence of nonhuman objects.

Timothy’s Morton’s book ‘Realistic magic objects, ontology causality:

“phenomenology, then is an essential cognitive task of confronting the threat that things pose in their very being”.

two pieces of work below in the one image, on the left Pierre Huyghe: Zoodrama (2010) and to the right, Pamela Rosenkranz: Our Product (2015) at the Venice Biennale

All objects (themselves made up of myriad other objects) exert their power over the objects around them, creating the push-pull relationship between viewer and artwork that Morton refers to as ‘charisma.’

“Art is charisma, pouring out of anything whatsoever, whether we humans consider it to be alive or sentient or not.”

The end result, as Patrick says vis-à-vis his practice:

It has tightened up my thought processes, focused my interests and made me delve further into the world of Object-orientaed ontology (OOO), exploring the underlying essence of objects, things and environments.

charisma, immanence, numen

Mark Hansen:

a dominant ocularcentrist aesthetic to a haptic aesthetic rooted in embodied affectivity

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