Tutorial: Block 6, Week 1 — The Final Block

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This is the final term and the last bit before your final show

Today, the first group tutorial of block 6. Block 6. The final block. The end of cycle 2. It only seems like a few weeks ago that I started this MA. Time has passed quickly. Too quickly. But it been extremely enjoyable, I’ve progressed a lot as an artist, and the final show will be

Some practical things to discuss, which means a very long list of things to think about and do.


The Floorplan

We have rooms G1, G2, and G2 (on the ground floor); the corridor on the ground floor (next to G1 to G3); L1 (2 rooms in the basement); and some miscellaneous connecting spaces.

Leonie will be making use of the lecture theatre for a performance.

There are 18 of us.


For next Thursday (May 25):

Create an outline (back of fag-packet, napkin, placemat from an Italian restaurant, whatever). This needs to be put on a wiki (details coming later), then three people in London get to look and make a PROPOSED plan for who goes where.

The three people will be:

  • Celine
  • Russell
  • Dave Charlesworth, from South Kiosk. An outside curator.


invigilation is the responsibility of you all, I know that is a challenge for online students but if you are in London when the show is on you MUST contribute to the rota — it is also a great opportunity to speak to people about your work.

An invigilation rota will available on the wiki and you can sign up there.

For things that need to be switched on, make it as simple as possible. Ideally nothing more complicated that it just needs to be switched on.

Dates and Times

Thursday 13 July:

  • 17.00 - 18.00 - VIP & prize giving
  • 18.00 - 21.00 - private view

Public Days:

  • Friday 14 July - 10.00 - 20.00
  • Saturday 15 July - 11.00 - 17.00
  • Sunday 16 July - closed
  • Monday 17 July - 10.00 - 20.00
  • Tuesday 18 July - 10.00 - 20.00
  • Wednesday 19 July - 10.00 - 20.00

Thursday 20 July:

  • take work down & return space to as it was
  • 2nd year students collect results (at Wilson Road)


Th marketing team at Camberwell have offered the following:

  • Facebook Events

    We will create a Facebook event for the show please use this event to invite friends, do not create multiple different unofficial events as this causes confusion and often incorrect information is shared

  • Good idea to follow us on social media to help promote the show:

  • Share your work with us using the hashtags # on the handout we will send to you.

  • Mention us on twitter / instagram @camberwellual and we will regram / retweet

  • The camberwell blog is very important and useful, they have content in the following categories:

    • INSERT NAME: This is a standard interview piece, we will send you questions to answer as fully as possible.
    • CAMBERWELL CAMEO: A takeover style which allows you to write about what you want, in a style suited to you.
    • JUST MAKE IT: A blog about process, how you go about making something, or how you work in your studio, it can be a step by step guide.
    • IN THE KNOW: This is a news based blog piece that focuses, usually, on a particular event.
    • 7 DAYS LATER: An image focused blog piece using high quality images and a small text paragraph for context.
  • Instagram Takeovers: @camberwellual

    We can loan out Camberwell’s Instagram to you for up to two days to post about your work, a particular process you are undertaking, or for a part of the show, like Private View or Friends and Family day.

  • YouTube: artslondoncamberwell

    We can post your videos and animations about your work, a particular process you are undertaking, or for a part of the show on Camberwell YouTube channel.

  • Facebook Post: CamberwellUAL

    We can post content about your work, a particular process you are undertaking, or for a part of the show.

Need to get in touch with ideas early, as they plan the content to be a steady stream of news, items, takeovers, interviews etc

Apparently the Instagram account is really well followed, and the takeover is a great option.

Tickets for the PV

This year the PV will be a ticketed event. Students get in by showing their ID card. Everybody else needs a free ticket.

Tickets will be available online from the website on the Events page.

Can be Booked directly from here.


The building capacity is 1000 at any one time, last year there were over 2000 visitors for the PV (not all at the same time). They don’t envisage there being a queue to get in but the tickets allow them to count people in and out.

Outside the PV, numbers are about 100-200 visitors per day.


Sample Label

There will be labels for all the works.

Unlike last year, just name, title of the work, medium, size and course name. So, no description. Oh well, that’s one less thing to worry about.


Deadline for labels: 10 July, 12.00.


Need to plan for work to be taken down.

The final phase of the building work is happening this summer at the main building on Peckham Road. As Jonathan’s office and the MA studio are moving, not sure if things can be stored over summer.

Symposium 2

Do not have to include final, final work. Focus more on the recent work… possibly a brief overview of what you have been doing to put it in context. Focus on the connection between the research paper and your practice.

Essentially, a short (5 minute) version of the discussions from block 5.

Next week

James Bulley — a visiting artist doing a talk — that will be live streamed from the studio. He is a PhD student at another university and has also done some work with the Daphne Oram archive.

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