Tutorial: Block 6, Week 3 — Final Show Planning

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The Agenda

  1. space
  2. website
  3. invites
  4. probably loads of other stuff that Jonathan has forgotten ;-)


As previously mentioned, that plan was for Céline and Russell met with Dave Charlesworth from South Kiosk gallery to develop a plan for the spaces. They did this, and their draft layout was proposed.

Now to discuss.

draft plan, take 1

There was lots of discussion about the practicalities around the basement… levels of light and dark… proximity of VR and AR may be an issue (apparently they do not play well together)… and some moving around of people, so the plan now looks like:

draft plan, take 2

As I’m in the corridor on the ground floor, I don’t need to consider the arrangements in the basement.

For the ground floor allocation, there was little discussion, as everything is straightforward. The only possible thing is that Sarah R might move to the basement. Or not.


Do we do a website?

Would be nice to have something, especially as the brochure got nixed.

After much, much discussion, a child website will be done on fineartdigital.org,

Do we Instagram?

Again, much discussion. Yes, a specific-Instagram account will be created that we can upload pictures to. And there are some specific hashtags that we can use too.


There’s an official invite that’s been made.

The official invite

Its very “post-internet brutalism”, as Céline so eloquently put it. Color gradients. Blocky typography.

For the PV, tickets must be booked here.

Other Stuff

Which pub do we use for the post-show drinkies?

Which pub do we use for the pre-show drinkies?


I’m trying not to stress out too much about the final show. I think I know what I’m going to show, and I’m just in mild panic about mounting things. And, just in case, some contingency planning vis-à-vis mounting. And, more just in case, some backup digital art that can be printed should anything happen to my original pieces (or if do a last minute change my mind of what to show).

The question of which pub is used for pre and post-show drinkies was never resolved.

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