Tutorial: Block 6, Week 4 — More Final Show Planning

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Russell has setup an Instagram account for the show.


And then a mad scramble for those in the group who don’t already have an Instagram account to create one.


Jonathan has provided a (final show-specific sub-site)[http://www.fineartdigital.org/2017show] on fineartdigital.org.

Russell and Céline will manage.

Update 2017-06-15: Need to provide Céline with visuals and texts.


Use the Camberwell marketing team to promote the show, the blog and the social media are quite big.

Russell will try to grab the Instagram takeover for the PV.


A small change: Sharon will probably move to the quiet space upstairs.

Reminder: Assessment

As per the Unit 2 brief, what’s needed is:

  • symposium 2 video.
  • curate your blog.
  • write the 500 word summary post.
  • present your work professionally in the exhibition.

Note to self: add draft placeholders for these to my blog. In theory should be fairly simple as I put a lot of automation in place vis-à-vis assessments on the blog for the unit 1 assessment.

My Space

Jonathan did a rough measurement of the corridor space and provide the following data:

  • Right side (with fuse box high up) - approx - 5 metres
  • Right side with the radiator half way through the wall - approx - 5 metres
  • Left side - approx 8.4 metres


A recommendation for a local wood supplier:

The people to contact are (Whiten Timber)[http://www.whittentimber.co.uk/].

Note to self: A quick phone call and they have what I could use, can cut it, and deliver to Camberwell. Need to drop and email for a firm quotation.

Health & Safety

Coming soon: a risk assessment form, to be filled in, this is just in case there is anything really risky going on.

And finally… Next week

It is the final session together before the show build.

A visiting lawyer — discussing copyright, creative commons etc — it is a very practical discussion and hopefully will be challenging for all as we push the boundaries of ownership, authorship, distribution etc



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