Blog goes jekyll 3

jekyll 3.0

This site is generated using the most excellent jekyll. Recently a major version was released, and after testing that things aren’t broken vis-à-vis this site, I upgraded to Jekyll 3.


I also took this opportunity to add jekyll-scholar to the system. This means citation are now super easy to add and format, and I’m in favor of things that make life super easier. References (and PDFs of articles) are managed using Papers 3, exported as BibTeX records, subsequently read by jekyll-scholar, and then when writing posts its a case of including citation markers that refer to the BibTeX record and jekyll-scholar takes care of formatting the in-text citation and the reference per Harvard - Cite-Them-Right.


At the end of 2015, Lecturis will publish a new monograph (Huygen, 2015) about graphic designer and exhibition designer Wim Crouwel.


  1. Huygen, F. (2015) Wim Crouwel modernist. Eindhoven: Lecturis. Available at:
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