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After attending the low residency in spring 2016, I have spent a few days putting all my notes, doodles, and photographs into some sense of order, and writing up the journal entries.

As the number of entries in the MAVA blog is slowly expanding, and with the experience gained over the preceding months, I thought it would be a good idea to formalize and document the taxonomies that I am using to organize (and subsequently) structure the posts.

categories, tags, and all that jazz


This blog is managed and published using jekyll. The main ‘bucket’ for organizing posts is the category.

I’m using the following categories:

journal — this contains journal entries for my MA.

practice — this contains posts relating to my practise, specifically, doodles and works that I make.

proposal — drafts of my research proposal

slides — this is a bit of a cheat. For some presentations I use reveal.js. This uses markdown as an input. But, I don’t want any post-processing done to those files during deployment. So I put these presentations into their own category and the deployment script doesn’t work its magic on them (specifically html uglyfy.)


Every post in jekyll has one or more tags assigned to it. I then use these tags as an ‘index’.

Some tags have special meaning and assignment:

lowres2016 — for things that happened during the Low Residency in Camberwell, Spring 2016.

seeing — attending an expo

showing — for when my artwork is or will be or has been shown (exhibited)

visiting — visiting an atelier, etc.

watching — watching a documentary or a film

Tags in italics refer to expositions or exhibitions or specific objects.

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