Color Combinations

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Cover of Agnes Martin

For my recent practice I have been looking at the effect of overprinting as a method to visualize the interaction of the two protagonists, of the hybridity and the third space.

An alternative perspective might be to use color combinations from Japan, where the aesthetic is different.

The generative code that I wrote to do overprinting, such as that done in Sequent 13, is very simple because overprinting is implemented at system level. Two paths are drawn, and where they overlap, the drawing system applies automatically the multiplication to simulate the effect of overprinting. If I want to switch to a three color palette based on a Japanese aesthetic, the code will need to be modified to strip out the overprinted region and paint this in a different color. There is no automatic function to do this, so this will need to be developed. It is not especially difficult but there are a few corner cases and potential optimizations that need to be considered.

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