Materials for Final Show

Here is the bill of materials for the final show.

The past few days have been extremely frantic chasing down suppliers and fettling specifications. However, everything seems to be on track as I have confirmed the last quotations and all I can now do I hope everything gets manufactured and delivered on time… and that when I’m at Camberwell doing the fabrication that it works as planned. It would have been great to do a dry fit, but things couldn’t be obtained in time…


100 off Swiss Clips “C”

100 off Spax woodcrews 4 x 40

100 off Spax woodscrews 3 x 20


14 off sequent-23r2


14 off 500 mm x 490 mm x 4.0 mm birch ply (cut from sheet)

6 off 2.40 m pine battons (25mm x 50mm)


Acrylic cleaner

Microfiber cleaning cloths

Latex gloves.

Cotton gloves.


Business Cards

Business Card Holder

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