A Proposal for the Final Show

As mentioned in last week’s tutorial, we need to create an outline (back of fag-packet, napkin, placemat from an Italian restaurant, whatever) of what we propose for the final show and put this on the wiki.

Here are my notes for this.



An artwork (which will resemble d7 — see here) is a meta work of 252 pieces (original artworks from my m series, each piece ink on paper, 90mm × 90mm) configured in an arrangement of 6 rows × 42 columns, occupying a total area of approximately 1.0m × 4.0m.

  • Equipment Needed: None.

  • Space: A wall with natural illumination (to bring out the best in the ink), and in a quiet zone to allow the spectator space to sense the color vibrations. Room G1, G2, or G3 would be the most appropriate space to present.


A set of digital prints (enlarging greatly) some of the original artworks above. About 3 or 5 pieces, sized SRA0 on paper or Forex.

  • Equipment Needed: None

  • Space: The corridor outside rooms G1, G2, and G3 would be an appropriate space to present… especially as it presents a juxtaposition in terms of lighting (artificial against natural) and space (restricted against open) with G1, G2, and G3.

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