Forth one-on-one with Jonathan Kearney

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The forth one-on-one tutorial for my MA with course leader Jonathan Kearney — Unit 1 feedback and plans for the rest of the course.

What was discussed

Research paper. Did good on that. The timing for when it was due was not ideal. Is there ever an ideal time? I was beginning to get traction in my artworks and had to stop to research and write the paper. Hard to get going again. Being down with the lurgy for the past two weeks has not helped.

Artworks. Need to embrace ambiguity, do more exploration. Shift the aesthetic territory outside specific boundaries. Time. Temporal activity. It takes time for my generative art to make itself (the algorithms aren’t instant, and many iterations are required). Would be nice to get that concept across. Perhaps by going to animation or video. Each frame would be an iteration, but the time to generate is variable, and think that is a concept that needs to be incorporated.

A detour into rejection. First Your submission to the Wrapping Paper Competition and then The Selection Committee’s opinion. Feedback from the selection committee was good (if perhaps loosing something in translation). Sill, will see what happens when I enter next year; its hard to work out what judges are looking for as it changes every year.

Talking about Oops and bitrot. How this is not something that’s gone wrong with my website but with the content on other sites that I’m linking to. How fragile things are. And how quickly bitrot can set in.

Thoughts about the next steps

More experimentation. Perhaps dabbling in video work (which is where Jonathan seems to be pushing). I find video difficult. Its easy to come up with something that’s sub-par. Hard to get something that conveys subtlety and nuance — one piece I did like was Provenance in Fiona Tan’s Geography of Time. The use of monitors in portrait instead of landscape is particularly effective, as is their presentation. The piece itself sublime and subtle.

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