Nick Gorse — Research Methods (and a Project that Failed!) — Lecture 2015-16 #4

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This week’s lecture was by Nick Gorse, Dean of Camberwell College of Arts (CCA). His theme is research methods and methodologies… and a project that failed!

Excerpts from the Cornetto trilogy and others will be used.

Undertaking a research project is like undertaking a campaign of action; starting can be difficult; you’ll find yourself changing direction.

Opening with an excerpt:

Planning and research will stop and start.

Research methods not same as research methodologies.

Quantitative (Hard Research) vs Qualitative Research (Soft Research)

Humanities and arts are Qualitative.

Primary and Secondary Research. More primary research needed at masters.

Plastic bag has own life and quality. Observing is important. Sensitive observation. Keep things simple.

Includes bits from four chapters of the book. Starting is difficult.

Avoid shallow research.

Lookup Aby Warburg on the internet. Yes, everybody uses Google. And goes to the first hit which is her wikipedia entry. Yes, you can use wikipedia, but treat as a starting point and not gospel. Need to do deeper research. Expand searching. Look at Google images and video.

Research plan. Taking project proposal further.

Planning. Mind maps, if they work are an option.

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