Samson Kambalu — Why situationism? – Lecture 2015-16 #15

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This week’s lecture by Samson Kambalu, who describes himself as a “London-based contemporary artist, Holyballist, and author,” was titled “Why situationism?”.


As an online student this was a rare opportunity to attend a lecture in person instead of watching it afterwards by video. The experience is completely different; there is a lot to be said for live events.

In this lecture by Kambalu he talked about the following situationism; The Situationists; Sanguinetti Breakout Area; NEVER WORK; Runner; Nyau; Politicians as Gule (Tom Mboya); The Last Judgement (where is pastes pages from the bible to footballs for people to play with).


Kambalu was perhaps quiet and slow to start, but once he had warmed up, it was clear that he was very enthusiastic about his practice, and lived it and his life to the full.

He engages with his audience through digital channels and is prolific on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.

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