Universal basic income: the future of creative employment in a post-work world

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During the middle of the Summer Show, a discussion event in the lecture theatre as part of Graduate Futures Week. And as I am Camberwell, I am able to attend.

It was a lively and though provoking event. It was good to meet Samson Kambalu at this event, and afterwards we met up by my interim display and had a good discussion about post-colonialism and my practice.


Discussion notes

Paul Mason - beyond capitalism

Feudal to capitalism to something else. To post capitalism. Possibly neoliberalism.

Andrew Keean. Book. The internet is not the answer.

Q for artists. The universal basic income. Work defines identity. But if loosing jobs that’s not sustainable. Pensions are actually an example of basic income.

Is it a too utopian idea?

Not if but when.

Some say this will be a transition to a post work world.

Art then becomes… not a commodity but a space for cultural production.

Some people will adapt better than others. Entrepreneurs. How to ensure people already excluded are not excluded. Avoid creating a us and them.

Samson talks about

Book. The logic of the gift, Alan D Schrift.

Book. The Accursed Share, George Bataille.

For every system to sustain a certain amount must be expelled. Fixed capacity on a system. So something must be expended. Hoarding bad.

The gift. Distribution.

Book. The gift, Lewis Hyde.

Gift must be passed on.

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