The Lumen Art Prize 2015 Winners’ Gala

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Today was the Lumen Art Prize 2015 Winners’ Gala & Digital Art Seminar.

The event was live streamed on YouTube and simultaneously Jonathan held an online Skype group session so everybody in the MA programme could comment along.

Although the streaming session was recorded for posterity it was nice to attend virtually in real time and to chat with everybody else as the presentation occurred. Below are my notes on the event.

William Latham

A computer scientist who does Generative Art.

After the event I tracked down this curated websiote of his work.

Anaïs met den Ancxt – Scenocosme

Interactive installations using the spectator to control the sound.

La Maison Sensible is a fantastic installation; the music reminds me of early Tangerine Dream.

Marcus West

Fibonacci … sunflowers …

Anne Morgan Spalter

Into kaleidoscopes in a big way.

Wrote the book The Computer in the Visual Arts.

Got shotlisted for “The World of Water”.

David Moraton - webite

A synathit.

Beatrice Lartigue

Works in Collective Lab 212

Interactive installations.

Greg McMullen – ascribe

Not quite sure how ascribe will differentiate from Digimarc’s Guardian for Images. Perhaps one to watch.

Elizabeth Markevitch – ikonoTV

A digital TV channel for art.

Scott Draves – website

The Artists’ Perspective on Selling Digital Art.

Algorithm is free… but if you want the artist to do it like, must invite to your parties.

Made DVD Spotworks which was the first CC licensed DVD. It was a big indie success (sold in the thousands) but only received $1 or $2 per dvd, which “doesn’t pay the rent”.

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