Mid Point Review: My Comments

To prepare for the Mid Point Review, I have watched the videos that everybody has made and noted my comments on them.

UPDATE: I have updated this post to include additional comments that I made during the Mid Point Review.

Alejandro Escobar

  • Synthesized narration.
  • 3D models and neuroscience.
  • Perceiving visual reality. Representation of thoughts.
  • 3D printed object. The memory of a moment.
  • A walk through ambiguity.
  • Sketches on the models.
  • Mirrors and reflections.
  • Self portrait. Artist hiding in the portrait.

Alasdair Saunders

  • Capability Brown.
  • Homage to the first landscape artist in Britain — Tercentenary coming up.
  • Cyanotype.
  • The configuration is interesting… historical perspective but done with modern tools… and then back to traditional cyanotype.

Bianca Caloi

  • Binary code to produce artwork with on/off messages.
  • Arduino. Sustainable. Solar panels. LEDs.
  • Spectator — aesthetics of piece, then learning there is a hidden message.
  • Previous work — white cubes — shares and shadows.
  • Paper origami. Volume and texture and shadows.
  • 3D print shapes. But would paper be better? Textures?
  • Words written in code. Handwriting.
  • Conflating messages through lights and patterns. Too much?
  • Look at Glediator.


Céline Villaneau

  • Spatial relationship between physical and virtual.
  • Performer in virtual space.
  • Interest in way work displayed more than space.
  • Present work in virtual gallery. A playground.
  • Absence of logic and physical boundaries.
  • Pizza slices! Hey, why not!
  • Nice minimizing of concepts. Deleted color, narration, time, interaction, reality, performer,…
  • White tunnels. Infinity. Dystopia. Nothingness.


  • I like the minimal. The whiteness. At that this is a virtual gallery full of pieces… and then it becomes deleted and down a new avenue (or white tunnel).

Katerina Psimmenou

  • Philosophy. Existential theories. Solipsism.
  • Body and perception. Self and world. Perception.
  • Two human like figures with cord connecting heads and minds.
  • Sketches. Photoshop drawings.
  • Adding movement by animation.
  • Filming and manipulating to have video with same aesthetics as drawings. Works really well.Love use of inverted negative.
  • Experimenting moving to 3D.
  • Public space for pieces. Parallel of corporeal memory and site-specific memory.

Leonie DuBarry-Gurr

  • Alan is a state of mind within Leonie. A second life. Can the two be separated? Art and life merging.
  • Not a protagonist, a life.
  • A snapshot of a life. But curated? Not linear but a chaotic and random way of existence.
  • Social media. GIFs. MEMES. Etc.
  • Dots under the eyes — semiotics. Only physical presence of ALAN.a Collection of lot ‘Alan’ related things. So much Alan around.
  • Train seat fabric to music.
  • A song for Alan.
  • Music. Beethoven.
  • The string theory of ALAN — “A loose thread of no discernible length”
  • “A chaotic system in which both Leonie and ALAN exist. Who is the butterfly. Her or ALAN.”
  • ALAN is helping her push the envelope.

Of all the videos, this was the one that most surprised me. Perhaps because it was the first time Leonie has shown more of ALAN. The cut shots were particularly effective, giving a glimpse into the world of Leonie/ALAN.

Nathalie Jaeckle

  • Aging.
  • Changes body goes through.
  • Individual and society reaction to.
  • Lots of experimentation and play.
  • Sketchbook.
  • Printing on fabric — lavender printing.
  • Skin. Textures.
  • Projecting picture of her grandmother onto her own. Very interesting.
  • Clothing. What lies underneath.
  • Picture of body underneath printed on T-shirt.
  • Digital collage: Combining fashion and art.

Patrick Henry

  • A blue disembodied head as host, with synthesized voice. Is there some symbolism behind that?
  • Exploring interfaces. Novel. Cinema. Now, the interface.
  • Wearables. T-shirt. Makes noise.
  • Dirt Box. Alchemist earth. Generates code (double digits) from the soil. Ritual aspect.
  • Woody. Birch tree harvesting sound. Nice prototype.
  • 100s and 1000s. Proximity sensor. Piggy. Surreal!
  • Line generation
  • Mesh imagery. Flattening.
  • There is a lot of mysticism to the interfaces. I guess these things seem like magic. Technology moves fast.

Philip Spooner

  • Glitch art.
  • Making them is too easy?
  • Heading towards other applications and analog materials and “escaping the PhotoShop look”.
  • Some pieces shown have a very made using an iPad look.
  • Musings on exo-political stage… images and hour-long video compilation.
  • Digital collages.
  • “Too easy” and moved on. What does he mean. Is it only art if you have to suffer or struggle?

Sarah Scicluna

  • Pictures of feet. Taken every 3, then 6 hours.
  • Look very interesting when dithered in processing. Visual textures.
  • Automated drawings and robots.
  • Converting video to a digital line aesthetic.

Sharon Bertram

  • Live action!
  • Mind map.
  • Culture. Pottery. Ceramics. Identity. Motherhood. Blaxploitation.
  • Connection new technology and handmade crafts.
  • Pop art. Female form and identity.
  • Boob Money Boxes. Very colorful and fun. Nice way to get into the talking points.
  • Adinkra. Symbolism.
  • Digital art and technology and ceramics.


  • The Boob Money Boxes. Very colorful and fun. Nice way to get into the talking points.
  • Would be interesting to see how this connects to Terry’s work.
  • It would be, perhaps, even more (retro) pop art if it was made from plastic… how about making these on the 3D printer? Can you make ceramics with a 3D printer?

Terry Quinn

  • A video of a PowerPoint presentation.
  • Artistic presentation of the life model.
  • Body scan of Vanessa.
  • Laser cut MDF sculpture.
  • 3D body morphing. Hard to see the detail.
  • 3D print sculpture.
  • Large format prints
  • Bronze sculpture.
  • Touch narrative painting.
  • Video cuts short at end?


  • The laser cut works really well… perhaps due to all the shadows as its a ‘low resolution’ cut through the model. If moving into other forms, 3d printing, bronze, will something be lost as these are ‘high resolution’.
  • Would the experience be different if the recordings were triggered by touching a button next to the piece, instead of having to physically touch the piece?
  • Perhaps this is questioning more the spectator than the work (nudity, female) itself.

Yi Liu

  • FaceRig or Maya. Not working. Went physical.
  • Leaf maze.
  • Pinecone - a continuing work but did not explain where they came from. But industrial mimicking nature.
  • 6 hours. Again, a very physical piece.
  • To me, what art is? Acrylic and three black dots. The 3 instead of 6 dots… that is a cultural convention from China?
  • A stool. Have a rest.
  • FOLDS. Unique patterns. Temporary emotion. Recalling.
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