Mounting - Initial thoughts

David Somers bio photo By David Somers Comment

As previously discussed, my proposal for the final show involves exhibiting a meta artwork: 252 pieces (original artworks from my m series, each piece ink on paper, 90mm × 90mm) configured in an arrangement of 6 rows × 42 columns.

One issue is: how do I mount them?

This is something that has been in the back of my mind even since the idea first floated itself (in the fifth one-on-one), and I’ve thought of three possible methods:

Firstly, using thumb tacks or clear pins.

Secondly, using photo corners.

Thirdly, using some kind of transparent clamping system

Perhaps the quickest method will be to use photo corners. This comes with a bit of a caveat in that they are extremely fiddly to work with… and given that its × 252 original pieces, it will take some time to do… and I only have three days available to prep the space and get everything mounted.

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