Gathering Resources

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Over the past few days, things needed for the final show have begin to appear. Ancillaries. Goodies from the quincaillerie..

A quick test of the swiss clips. So glad I obtained both the small “A” size and the larger “C” size. A quick test, and the result is clear. The “C” size is just right.

Testing swiss clips

I was also hoping to get a frame mounting system, as this would greatly reduce the time to fabricate and mount things. Unfortunately the supplier had the necessary plates, but not the accompanying hooks. So, contingency rules apply: use the wooden batten technique.

After a bit of fettling, and some tweaks to the materials, the order for the acrylic frames, sequent 23, has been confirmed… in a few days the acrylic will be fed into the laser cutter, hopefully coming out as planned. I won’t see these parts until I arrive at Camberwell (they’re being drop-shipped), so I have no idea what I will be walking into. Hopefully everything will come together. If not, blueback. Or (at the risk of being killed by CĂ©line) an emergency visit to Ikea to acquire frames.

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