A one-on-one with Jake Biernat

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What was discussed

Where is my work coming from? Why fiber? I discussed with Jake that it is based on taking concepts from postcolonial studies and applying these to visual art. An interesting and unusual path, and when explained, adds depth to my work. The uninformed vs informed spectator.

Jake, based on the open weave I had recently made (Fiber Sculpture 15) referred me to Channa Horwitz, particularly due to the geometric nature (c.f. work at the Gehbaly Gallery and “Sonakinatography” at the Whitney).

The titles of my work do not give anything away — strict naming and numbering. This is out of the need to keep my physical and digital archives in order (something Jake is familiar with as some of his work contained 100,000 images!). As the work is so strictly archived to the date it was made it will make it easier to reflect back to the time when it was made.

The use of Fiber Sculpture clearly labels the work as what it is. The use of the word sculpture is potentially puzzling as the works are on canvas but are a flat plane. The fibers are, technically, three dimensional, with whispers and whatnot jutting out. Fibers are complex! From an art history context, the work is not a picture, not a drawing, so what else could it be but a sculpture?

I showed Jake some proofs of some generative work I recently made. This is clearly generated art, but yet inspired from the fiber art. We discussed taking art from one medium, into another, and back. How one can influence the other, and vice versa.

The interim show: what do I plan to exhibit? Its too early, but ideally a representative sample from my practice.

For the final show, any ideas yet? Will I narrow things down to one medium or style? Clearly its too early now, but something to bear in mind

Thoughts about the next steps

As always the importance of maintaining the research blog as this was Jake’s entry to my work. I plan to do is make an artist’s website to promote my practice, and this was discussed with Jake.

To provide information to accompany my works about where they are coming from. A paragraph to provide the context.

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