Pop-up at the Raum Gallery

David Somers bio photo By David Somers Comment

Today there’s a pop-up at the Raum Gallery. I sent off two works for this: Sequent 13 and Sequent 16.

A2. digital image.
Sequent 13 [redux]. Ink on paper. Asset #57702.1
A2. digital image. Asset #57702.2
Sequent 16. Digital image.

Gone AWOL :-(

Normally I send artworks by courier, but I couldn’t physically get to the depot to ship them out. So this time they were sent by normal post, and I forgot to add tracking. The postal system has failed. The artworks are AWOL. They’re somewhere between Luxembourg and London, presumed missing. And without tracking its impossible to see where they dropped off the radar.

Note to self: Moral of the story: always use courier, and if schlepping stuff by post add tracking.

Plan B

I asked for a video work — Sequent 14 — to be substituted.

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