Low Residency 2016

Although the low residency took place over a two week period I was only able to attend the first week. Looking back at my stack of notes, pile of catalogs and ephemera that I grabbed, and photos that I took, its clear why I’m tired: there was a lot packed into such a short space of time! On one hand it has been physically and mentally demanding due to the large number of activities that were condensed into such a short time-frame. On the other hand it has been immensely valuable, and I come away with enthusiasm for the direction that my practice is heading.

It has been great to meet the online cohort in real life (with the exception of Leonie, who was there during the second week when I was not, and Sarah who was unable to attend). Similarly, with the studio-based cohort. While we may have been familiar, to a point, with each others practice, nothing can really substitute for direct contact.


Seeing expositions:

Visiting studios/facilities:

Attending lectures:

Doing workshops:

Having crits:


Number of photographs taken: 462

Number of cups of tea drunk: > 10

Number of cups of coffee drunk: < 10

Amount of beer drunk: 0.5L (of Lindeboom)


  • exhausting
  • inspiring
  • enthusing
  • invigorating
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