Seeing Yuri Suzuki, Acoustic Pavilion


This interactive sound installation by Yuri Suzuki, Acoustic Pavilion – Experience Beauty Through Sound, was described as:

Designed for the International Design Biennial in Saint-Étienne, this interactive sound installation allows the visitor to explore the relationship between space, form and sound. Acoustic Pavilion is an interactive exhibition in which visitors themselves create their own listening device by fabricating structures. Using a network of pipes, everyone has the opportunity to create long, short, straight or angular structures and hear how the sounds evolve through conical tips.


For an acoustic installation it was very quiet. No spectators were participating. With this type of installation I often wonder why, for those times when nobody is participating, that the curators don’t try and encourage people to do so, or perhaps have a video showing earlier activity. Is this an issue with the installation, the curation, or a combination?

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