Seeing An Arm, A Leg and Other Stories at the South London Gallery

The South London Gallery is located next door to Camberwell College.

The exposition An Arm, A Leg and Other Stories by Herman Chong was taking place in the main gallery.

The first thing to notice is that the space is large white cube. The second thing is that the floor is covered with lots of black pieces of paper. This piece, Monument to the people we’ve conveniently forgotten, is about one million business cards that have been printed solid black / solid black, left scattered on the floor. It is an interesting moment to realize that this is an actual piece, and that you are allowed to — and even encouraged by the attending docents — to walk on and interact with it.





After exploring this room for several minutes a great sense of mischievousness came about everybody and we decided to really interact with the cards. Cue Donald being buried under them.


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