Seeing Moholy-Nagy: Future Present at The Gugg

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Early 20th century abstract art. This is my thing. And how could I not see the exposition Moholy-Nagy: Future Present at the Guggenheim in New York.

The Family Activity Guide for the expo sums up the expo so well:

László Moholy-Nagy (1895–1946) was an artist who explored a wide variety of mediums, including painting, photography, sculpture, film, collage, printmaking, and design. He even considered light to be a creative medium to be used in making art.

Of all his types of work, geometric abstraction does it for me, and here are two that caught my eye.



Thoughts — Curation

One of the things that struck me was the space itself. This was my first visit to the Guggenheim, and while I knew about its spiral structure, it was something else to experience it. The viewing experience. Being a spectator in a space that had been deliberately designed. When walking up the spiral there were at least four encounters with each object… initially from a distance… then close up… then from afar… and after another loop from afar again. And, when descending, the same. I found this a powerful as the reaction to each object changes with distance, and with knowledge. In particular, the second distant viewing after another loop around the spiral.


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