Seeing The Collection at Museu Picasso


Standard Operating Practice is that when a museum does not let photographs be taken: I post a picture of the “No Photography” sign. However, at the Museu Picasso, the rules are so strict that I wasn’t allowed to take even a photograph of the “No Photography” sign. The security guards are rather anal about observing the rule, and that not allowing such a sign to be photographed was beyond irony.

There is not really much to say about the collection presented at the museum. Disappointing. What was shown concentrated on a few aspects of Picasso’s practice, and left great swathes missing. Perhaps there are better expositions of his work elsewhere.

Next time, forget this museum and head straight to the nearby restaurant Pirineu En Boca. The thing that first caught my eye about this restaurant was the cardboard cutouts on their external menu. Inside they have some great sculptural works. And the food is most excellent (and not just for meat eaters, they offer rather tasty vegetarian options too!).




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