Seeing Galante & Lanchman’s Tempting Art


This exposition of work by Maurizio Galante and Tal Ranchman was described as:

“Don’t play with your food!” – the admonishment we’ve often heard in our childhood is cheerfully brushed aside in this project; what happens when we take cooking out of the kitchen and into the world of design? The kitchen becomes a playground for celebrating “foodies”.


A small exhibit that was easy to miss due to its location: the far wall of the (disappointing and overpriced) café. A set of simple stands showing various pieces made from marzipan.

A fun and colourful display, easy to overlook due to its positioning.

With this type of exposition it just screams out for audience participation… an area where the spectator (or visitor to the café) can try to create their own works. An opportunity lost at the MUDAM.



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