We are Slice

David Somers bio photo By David Somers Comment

For the expo at Chelsea, one of the things that’s needed is a name. Today, Alejandro proposed three names:

  • Reality Check
  • Just Checking
  • Slice

This resulted in an impromptu discussion (held in a group chat on WhatsApp) about the names. I was stuck between Reality Check and Slice as both are very appropriate for what’s happening and where we are now; Sharon was hovering between Reality Check and Slice, and also noted that “the MA had been a reality check … bordering on the virtual”, plus “Slice seems to be more concise … a taster for more of the good stuff to come”. Donald observed that of the three Slice was the “more positive”, and Alejandro added that it was also “more open to interpretation and also shorter”.

So, Slice it is.

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