Thoughts on Symposium II

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Yesterday, Symposium II.

The plan for the symposium: watch each five-minute video that everybody has made about their research paper and practice… then a ten-minute discussion… repeat for all participants.

As Jonathan noted:

If we keep to this, it should be done in 4.5 hours… if we don’t keep to schedule, it will be a very long day.

As you can guess, these things never really start on time, the discussion gets interesting and goes on longer that planned… and it ended up being a very long (and very intense) day.

In order, Terry, Yi, Céline, Alasdair, Nathalie, Bianca, Jason, Me , Russel, Xavi, Sharon, Sarah R, Katerina, Sarah, Patrick, Leonie, and Alejandro presented our videos and had our discussions. Philip was AWOL.

Like Symposium i and the Mid Point Review, it was interesting to see what everybody was doing… and, more importantly, to see how things had progressed from symposium i, to the mid-point review, to now. Clearly, everybody is gearing up for the final show, so things have become far more advanced and concrete. For my own practice things have really progressed, and the difference from the Mid Point until now is staggering when looking at both videos.

For my presentation, the discussion spun off into two separate threads: in the studio space, there was much talk of ontology and associated details that I raised in my research paper; in the online space, the talk was of a more practical nature regarding my section process and plans for the exhibit at the final show.

Both discussions were extremely useful, and raised some interesting things to consider.

Some of the online questions and comments included:

  • How are you deciding the arrangement of the smaller bits?
  • Why changed material?
  • They look a cross between clouds, aerial landscapes and nature. I like them :)
  • “set, path, disconnection, configuration, macro, patterns, series & reproduction.”
  • I was enamoured by your narration, very powerful, a bit like something from Orwell’s Big Brother.
  • How would you fix so many different parts to the wall?
  • Are you following some prepared system for the arrangement? or following what looks good as composition?
  • Are you going to have an explanation when you present the work? just as obviously the context is so important.
  • The new material is a compromise or better medium which gives your work new meaning?
  • Interesting journey from hybridity to series.
  • Just to elaborate you gave me a history lesson in the video and I might not understand the theory behind the work without background info.
  • What was your process of choosing the colours and the change on colours?
  • Could you ever just show the first and the last one?
  • Would have like to have seen one of those earlier 1st year pieces of pins/thread as big as the room…

Again, a bit thank you to everybody for their questions and comments.

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