Tweaking the blog

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As previously discussed, this blog is created using jekyll, a static-site generator, and is hosted on a CDN. A few people have had problems accessing the site: it looks like the CDN has a few issues with some URIs and instead of returning the page required, it sulks and returns a “404 — page not found”. The simplest solution is to modify how its hosted, and I have now discarded the CDN and moved it to a dedicated VPS. One reason for using a CDN is availability and responsiveness. However, the VPS I use is quite reliable (but not HA like a CDN), and is rather responsive because the application stack that serves the site is cutting edge and I’ve tweaked its performance. Fingers-crossed this all works out well.

While doing this, there were a few bugs and niggles with the jekyll templates that I am using, so these have been squashed.

I also looked at the landing page and have changed it again. I hope its a bit friendlier. One thing that I added was “activities and outcomes” so I have an overview of what has been done and what’s coming up.

And now, back to panic mode over completing my Research Paper and getting ready for the Unit 1 Assessment.

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