Seeing TwoDaysART 2015

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This weekend is the forth annual TwoDaysART expo at the LuxExpo in Luxembourg: works of 50 contemporary artists from the Grande RĂ©gion.

It was a bit disconcerting when first walking into LuxExpo as you’re confronted with a rather bizarre mix of expos that are on this weekend:

And so, into the hall for TwoDaysART. There were a few exhibits that caught my eye:

  • Landscapes made from anodised titanium by Rol Backendorf. Technically and visually well executed, but unfortunately hard to see well due to the lighting in the expo hall - the best position for the spectator to see them was when squatting on the floor. Due to the rather strange way the expo was laid out, I almost missed this artist, but I’m glad to have stumbled upon him.

  • On The Bench, a sculpture by Sali Muller.

  • Large textures executed in acrylic from Bettina Reichert.

  • I ended my tour around the expo by talking with Laas Koehler who had an interesting display of art made using nothing by small adhesive red dots. This is an artist who not only enjoys his work but has a fantastic sense of humor.

The LuxExpo Center Expo Map Welcome Poster On The Bench by Sali Muller The Expo The Expo A landscape of anodised titanium by Rol Backendorf The Expo The Expo The Expo Red Dots by Laas Koehler
Seeing TwoDaysART 2015. 2015-10-24. LuxExpo, Luxembourg.
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