Visiting KM9

Today, jumping over the border into Germany to visit Trier and drop into Atelier & Projektraum KM9. A rather nice white cube run by Laas who I met in 2015 at TwoDaysART.

At KM9

Laas’ red-dot images. With the forthcoming centenary for Karl Marx (born in Trier), an image of the man himself in his archetypal pose. And a Union Flag that is disintegrating — a comment on the state of affairs vis-à-vis the UK and Europe (Brexit).

more dots of Karl... reproduced in the local newspaper... and kindly signed and added to by Laas.

An installation. Vote. Then the voting paper is “processed” by a shredder, and “packaged”.

The result of an interactive piece commenting on the elections in Turkey

Note to self: KM9 is dangerously close to Konditorei Raab.

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