Visiting Yiyun Kang at the V&A


A visit to the open studio of Yiyun Kang as an artist in residence at the V&A.

Kang does projection mapping installations.

Some of her early work, the between series, was a mixture of digital projection and human dancers interacting with each other. I liked the simplicity of the projection.

For me there was one that really stood out: Artificial Vessel 人工血管, video installation, dimension variable, 2012. She projected onto ceiling tube lamps, but done in such an imaginative manner, with the light traveling down the tubes, there was a real sense of movement, and this was something that I hadn’t expected.

As her work is site-specific, it is hard to record the experience, and the preservation and recording of this is something she is doing in her PhD:

documentation to resolve archiving problems for immaterial digital work

One technique was to construct models to show the light paths. Such a simple, but effective method!


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