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Today, an email arrived in my inbox.

10 new student bursaries for DEL conference

For more information please contact Charlotte Webb c.webb@arts.ac.uk

That name rings a bell. Shave gave an artist talk last year.

I haven’t heard of DEL before, so a visit to the DEL website.

Essentially, its:

DEL (Digitally Engaged Learning) is an international conference exploring and evolving digitally engaged teaching and learning in art and design Higher Education. We encourage practitioners and educators from creative disciplines to share, harness and critique digital tools and spaces. We welcome individuals and groups across all creative disciplines, working in roles including instructors, lecturers, researchers, support staff, instructional designers and technicians. There are opportunities to share and discuss emerging forms of pedagogy, digital art and design practice, and research. Participants are invited to submit to the open access, peer reviewed Spark Journal, which promotes new thinking around teaching and learning in the creative disciplines. #DEL17

DEL 17 is a partnership with The New School, University of the Arts London (UAL), Penn State University and Texas State University. The conference will be hosted at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London, 14-15 September 2017.

And DEL 17 conference is happening 14-15 September.

And there’s a journal. Confusingly, its called Spark and not DEL.

Presenters at DEL are invited to submit papers to Spark, UAL’s open-access online journal for university teachers, researchers and students, exploring all aspects of teaching and learning in arts, design and communication.

Spark is usually for UAL staff only, but here is an opportunity for presenters at DEL to be published in an edition of Spark which will come out in early 2018. The submission deadline is Friday 29 September. All submissions will be peer reviewed, and it is not guaranteed that submissions from DEL presenters will be accepted.

So what stuff makes it into this journal? A visit to the Spark website.

Browsing through the issues, something potentially interesting:
The culture of Cultural Studies: accommodating the latecomer Vol 1, No 2 (2016). Which just goes to show that sometimes a random wandering of the interwebs can lead to interesting stuff.

A quick scan of the submission guidelines. What’s that under Other? About this Publishing System. They’re using OJS. Sweet. Might be worth keeping an eye on the Open Monograph Press too.

All very interesting, but should really be getting shit done.

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