My practice is concerned with concepts from contemporary post-colonial studies and adopting these to visual art through fiber art sculptures, digital art, and analog doodles. I bisect space into chromatic and texture planes that manifest hybridity. The materials I use elicit mimicry: natural is synthetic; hand-made is refined like machine-made; industrial simulates the subtle touch of man. I bridge these planes through deliberate configuration and visceral binding and present them to the spectator to allude to the third space. Through this the result is sense of balance but also depth to explore the tension, harmony, and contrast within.

This is an exploration of ontological reductionism within a system motivated by concepts from contemporary post-colonial theory (viz. “hybridity”, “mimicry”, and “third space” as espoused by Homi K. Bhabha) but instead of applying these to community structures and dynamics (i.e. cultural interactions in a society) they are applied to a visual world (i.e. figure/ground interactions in a pictorial space).