A business card for the final show

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As part of the marketing effort for the final show, I designed a new visit card.

Last year I created a card for the interim show: for the recto, a detail from fiber sculpture 11, one of the pieces that I exhibited; for the verso, a minimal set of contact details. I like this approach. Details from the display on one side of the card; contact details on the other.

Clearly, the artwork that I am planning to show this year (see Proposal for the Final Show) is different from that shown at the interim, and as such, my card needs updating… so that there is a correlation between what is displayed and what is on the card.

As a starting point, the image _d7 that I created for the proposal.

David Somers, 2017, d7.

Keeping it simple, cropping down and selecting something like 5 x 7 “captures” seemed like a good approach… and after a bit of trail and error, I ended up selecting 5 x 8 captures as that fit nicely within the space. I tried 3 rows instead of 5, but the images were too big, and it just didn’t work as well.

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