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For the 2017 show’s micro-site on, here is the information for my section.

David Somers is a Luxembourg-based visual artist originally from London, England, whose artworks manifest his interest in cultural meeting zones, hybridity and the third space. In his unique approach, he take contemporary post-colonial theory and instead of applying its concepts to community structures he applies them to a visual world. Cultural interactions in a society are alluded to by figure/figure interactions in a pictorial space. The result is a simple but complex conceptual representation. His artworks are a bisection of visual space into chromatic planes that demand scrutiny and consideration. These visual interactions result in a third space that may allude either to a transcending greatness, understood within systems theory as how the sum may be greater than its parts, or to a deepening separation, understood within a zero-sum game as how one person’s gain is equivalent to another person’s loss. It has been said that his art “provides a fascinating instrument for reflection,” and given contemporary political and social events, they offers an opportunity for critical observation.


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