Distillation 4

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Distillation 4
d4, a submission of seven digital images


Over the past few week’s I’ve made almost 200 “captures” in the m set. This is a modest body of work, and within there are a few pieces that I’m really happy with.

I am now sorting through them looking for seven: an application of artistic distillation; curating for submission to a fine art competition. As always, its almost impossible to know what the judges will be looking for. Would the g series be better? Or even the f? Who knows? So I am taking a pragmatic approach and selecting from my most recent work — the m series — and hope they are received well.

Entries selected. Then a few swapped out. Another scan through my work. More swapped. Rearranging. Rotating some. An extra zoom here and there. A slight translation left. Another needs a translation up. All done now. Submitted. And now the inevitable wait. Meanwhile, more artworks to make and one or two forthcoming competitions to keep an eye on.

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