A Doodle Manipulated

David Somers bio photo By David Somers Comment

Today, thinking about the dividing line, I doodled this.


This was drawn a brush PITT artist pen. As much as I like the digital, I find doodling best done in the analog, and the brush PITT artist pen is my instrument du jour when working in ink.

I decided to bring this into the digital realm and do a bit of manipulation. The doodle was photographed using my iPhone; imported into Lightroom and lens correction applied; perspective corrected and cropping done in DxO; final manipulation performed in Adobe Photoshop.

The sanguine ink on moleskin ivory paper would go; its a bit dull and I want it to have a bit more visual ‘pop’ — to ramp up the color palette of the figure vs ground to be more contrasting. I also want to keep the intent of the doodle. Some tweaking. Instead of the neutral gray that I normally apply for the ground, a change: the gray-blue that I recently saw at the Bonnefantenmuseum. The ink was changed to be a contrasting and highly saturated purple which and against the ground becomes fluorescent in appearance. The result: tension created by the figure painted in such a visible color juxtaposed with the neutral ground. This is an interesting palette, and has turned a somewhat plain doodle into something far more interesting.


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